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Team Placement for 5th - 8th grades
Hello FYL Families, Now that the registration process has officially...
FAQ's about Franklin Lax & TPL
  What other towns are in the Town Pride League? TPL...
Program Overview
The program is open to boys who are Franklin residents and...
Team Placement for 5th - 8th grades

Hello FYL Families,

Now that the registration process has officially closed we are pleased to announce the team placement for  Spring 2018.   Grade coordinators for each group will be in contact with their respective teams by early January to give updates on winter training, spring scheduling, etc. 

We look forward to the 2018 season!



Flynn Baker

Joseph Conlan

Seamus Conlan

Tyler Crandall

Jack Fairweather

Robert Fletcher

Jordan Gasper

Wyatt Herndon

Quinn Lucier

Charlie Mahoney

Drew McCarthy

Jack O’Connor

Jackson Palmieri

Garrett Scagliarini

Caden Sullivan



CJ Aylward

Joshua Bailow

Kevin Daly

Sam Freedman

Nicholas Gasper

Henry Halter

Jake Harrington

Jackson Irwin

Logan Keszycki

Jason Kuphal

Jack Murphy

Jack Nelson

Nicholas Palmieri

Cameron Sweet

Ciaran Walse



Carter Balducci

William Carroll

Gavin Cataldo

Mason DeFrancesco

Nick Francisco

Cailun Gordon

Shane Hess

Chris Ianelli

Jake Keller

Korey Kemper

Liam Lewandowski

Tyler Murphy

Patrick O’Toole

Gabe Terry

Daniel Young



Matt Corvi

Matt Davenport 

Jackson Delleo

Cole DiMarzio

Ryan Grasso

Drew Hansen

JJ Honekamp

Zachary Langevin

Dylan McEvoy

Eddie O'Brien

Ben Paterson

Colin Perro

Adam Quinn

Sam Quick

Luke Trinanes



Thomas Bradley

Ciaran Caddigan

Jack Carosi

Andrew DeBeradinis

Brendan Driscoll

Brayden Giguere

Brendan Kelly

Kadin Kemper

Paul McLaughlin

Matt Mesen

Jackson Nutter

Jonathan Owen

Damien Tarentino

Jared Thomas

Devan Trufant



Justin Alexander

Will Buckley

Mason Carlow

Ravin Chaudhury

Nathan Cobbery

Luke Davis

Sean Daly

Chris Drake

Mike Galvin

Ben Harvey

Cole Jette

Braeden Leonard

Tyler Sachetti

Joseph Sewell

Lucas Sheehan

Ryan Sicchio

Griffin Ready

John Walshe



Edwin Arroyo

Thomas Balducci

Aidan Boudreau

Owen Couture

Jack Curreri

James Donovan

James Hogan

Steve Iannelli

Liam Irwin

Luke Jackson

Sean Kapples

Zak Kehoe

Brian Leonard

Trey Lovell

Landon Lucier

Brendan Murphy

Rowan O'rourke

Aidan Orr

Conor Sullivan



Ryan D’Amato

Billy Gardner

Brendan Grace

Aidan Griffith

Owen MacDonald

Justin Magazu

Peter Murphy

Kyle Palmieri

Jayden Patel

Jack Ryan

Craig Scharland

Tom Shanahan

Anthony Socci

Devin Sweet

Will Tracey

Sean Vinson

Tim Walsh

Cormac Wright



Owen Amendola

Aidan Barker

Matthew Bobola

Seth Burr

Ryan Cameron

Reilly Deforge

Jack Doyle

Liam Gilboy

Charlie Halter

Michael Hansenfus

Robert Kennefick

Zach Lewis

Matt Mclaughlin

Jason Mclean

Noah Mulvey

Tom O’Leary

Noah O’Neil

John Pokorny

Stephen Rontiris

Brady Rourke

Ryan Rourke

James Stoddard

Gavin Wallis


by posted 12/22/2017
FAQ's about Franklin Lax & TPL


What other towns are in the Town Pride League?

TPL Towns:



















How will our FYL teams be comprised?

Players in 5th, 6th, 7th and 8thgrade will play on single school grade level teams (e.g., a 5th grade team, 6th grade team, etc). We anticipate there will be 2-3 teams per grade, though this number is dependent on player registration with the goal of keeping teams at a manageable size. Recent history shows us that we typically average approximately 45 players per grade.


For each grade level, there will be an A and B team, separated by skill-level.   For example, the A team for each grade will be comprised of the top 15-18 players in that grade, with the B team comprised of the remaining players in the grade.  Both A and B teams will be playing other competitive teams in their respective A or B division within the TPL. The TPL maintains win/loss records, standings, end of season playoffs and a season Championship.  Players can expect to play between 10-12 games each year.

It is our belief that the A / B roster structure will benefit all types of players in our program - the player who always has “a stick in his hands” and has a deep passion for the game, the player who enjoys the game and team atmosphere and wants to get better and the player new to lacrosse.  We believe that allowing “B” players to play against similar talent level will result in more touches of the ball for them, increased contributions on the field, opportunity to develop their game sense and skill level, while boosting their confidence. This model of youth sports is used by several other in-town youth sports programs (Franklin Youth Soccer, Franklin Youth Basketball, Franklin Youth Hockey, etc). In reading your comments in our year-end survey, it was obvious to the FYL Board that the development and inclusion of the lesser skilled player has been a pain point for our program.


Is there equal playing time for all kids?

That will depend on the team. While it is a goal of FYL to provide substantially equal playing time for all players, in an effort to be transparent and manage your (and your son’s) expectations, you should be aware of the following:

B TEAMS - Every player will play a similar amount of time each game. Playing time will be influenced by attitude, effort, skill level and practice participation. We believe that the new team structure will provide more opportunity for players to get meaningful minutes on the field when they are playing with and against other players of equal ability in their own grade (eliminating the size factors and natural maturity gaps).

A TEAMS - Every player shall play a significant amount of time over the course of the season. However, playing time could differ from game to game depending on the situation. Playing time will be influenced by player ability and player attitude (maximum player effort and practice participation are expected of players at the A level). We believe that the new team structure will provide more opportunity for players to challenge themselves on the field by playing with and against other players of equal ability in their own grade (eliminating the size factors and natural maturity gaps).

Overall, we understand the need for players to make meaningful contributions on the field and we will stress this to our coaches. However, we ask that if you have concerns over this issue (either now or during the season) that you reach out to one of the FYL Board members listed below and we will be happy to sit down and discuss your concerns.


How are players assigned to a team? (Player Evaluations)

We will be holding evaluation sessions each Fall season for each grade level during which players will be evaluated on fundamental skills, athleticism and on-field lacrosse awareness. Although there is no need to attend all of the sessions, we would encourage your player to come to all of the sessions in order to provide the evaluators more opportunity to assess his level of play. In addition, we understand that many boys have not played since last spring so in an effort to reduce any stress or worry they may have from being “rusty”, we will also use last season’s end of season assessments to supplement the player evaluation process. Please emphasize to your son that he will be assigned to a team, that there will not be any cuts and the evaluation process is just that, an evaluation, not a tryout.


What if my son never played before?

It is very important to us that we continue to encourage new players to join our program and learn the great sport of lacrosse! New players in grades 5 through 8 should come to the player evaluations and use those sessions as their way of being introduced to the sport. Evaluators will be aware of the players who are new to the sport and will work with them more during these sessions to learn the concepts and fundamentals that will be the foundation of their learning during the season.

New players at this level will have the chance to take the game as far as they want by coming to practice, learning on the B team, and getting game repetition without being stifled by stronger, advanced players who have played for several years.



What about players in grades 1-4?

We are taking the old U9 program in-house (1st and 2nd grade). We are going to make U9 lacrosse a completely instructional and developmental in-house program. Each week, in addition to practice, the kids will focus on learning the fundamentals while playing in FYL small-ball games. We promise to make this area a fun and encouraging way to introduce your child to the sport.

3rd and 4th grade players will play small ball games against other TPL towns. There are no A or B teams at this level. The focus at this level will continue to be on the developmental front. These teams will play 7 v 7 games against other towns. These games will be fully refereed and on smaller fields to ensure more touches and game-action experience before moving up to a larger field with increased levels of competition.


When are the season dates? How many games?

Same schedule as before-approximately 10-12 games per season, starting late April and ending mid- June. No games on Easter Sunday. Generally, playoffs wrap-up the second weekend in June.

We may also have the ability to play in / be invited to a few local tournaments (jamboree style) during the season to add to the player experience.


What will be different for the kids who played on FYL Select in the past?

The Select player of last year is one who will be playing on a single team for his grade and thus will no longer be required to play (and practice) on two teams during the season. For many of you, this will come as welcome news, resulting in only one (lower) tuition and your son will no longer need to attend practices / games for two teams during the week. Your son simply will be slotted on the grade-based A or B team based on his skills, as determined (a) during the player evaluations and (b) prior-season coaching feedback.


What are some of the other benefits to making the move to TPL?

(1) The majority of the games for all levels will be played on Sundays, with an occasional game falling either on a Thursday or Friday night. We’ll ensure that any weeknight games are against opponents located within a reasonable driving distance.

(2) By streamlining the weeknight schedule, we plan on holding more in-season practice time (development) for players on all teams, to occur during the week.

(3) We believe that grade-based teams offer a safer in-game environment by eliminating the huge size differential that comes with multi-grade teams (U11, U13, U15).  Lacrosse is a physical game and although US Lacrosse and youth organizations have made great efforts to eliminate excessive checking, etc., we believe that moving to this model will result in a more confident, enjoyable experience for our boys.

(4) Tuition costs will remain as low as possible, and in addition to the expenses to run the program, covers the following:

  •  We conduct little to no fundraising to supplement our expenses

  •  We offer winter indoor training time 

  •  We allow players to keep their uniforms

  •  We give back to the players at the end of the season (Family Day event)

  •  Our players are involved in one of the most successful programs in the region!


What’s the downside?

When you look at the towns in the TPL program, you can expect further travel distances to 2 or 3 of your away games. Given the wide footprint of the 16 towns involved, it benefits all parents for both teams to schedule games that can be reached in a reasonable commute. Thus, we’ll be sure not to schedule any weeknight games to far-away distances.


Thank you.

Email address

Board of Directors

Pete Davis President    Dave Mollo – Treasurer
John Grace
Secretary   Steve Alexander Vice President   Mike Hansen – At Large Member


by posted 12/20/2017
Program Overview

The program is open to boys who are Franklin residents and are in grades 1st through 8th, (the Girl's Lacrosse program of Franklin is a separate organization).  

What are the age groups?  With the exception of U9 (1st and 2nd grade), our town lacrosse program will be grade based.   For example, all 5th graders play against other 5th graders from other towns, 6th graders will play against 6th graders, etc etc.

When is the season?  Registration generally takes place in late October so that our players can participate in winter indoor training and skill sessions before the spring.  FYL winter indoor sessions generally begin in January.  Outdoor practices generally start in late March.  Actual games generally begin by the first week of April.  Please note that there are games during both of the school vacation weekends.
Who do we play?  Our teams from 3rd-8th grade are "travel teams" in that we play other towns both home and away.   Our 1st and 2nd grade players will play through our in-house league against other Franklin teams.

My son is in middle school ... is it too late for him to start?  No.  Every year we have first time players in every grade from 1st through 8th.  If your son would like to give lacrosse a try, he should.

When are the practices?  There are one to two practices per week for all age groups. Practices are usually held in the late afternoon or evening hours during the week.

When are the games?   Games are played on Sundays.  Start times range from 9am to 6pm. Teams may also play a few weeknight games throughout the season.


posted 09/25/2014
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